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Ashutosh Kumar Srivastava

Pharma Revolution was founded by Pharmaceutical Expert Ashutosh Kumar Srivastava.

Ashutosh previously worked at Alkem Laboratories, where he led the team of Quality Management systems and audit compliance. He was also part of the manufacturing plant set-up for the US market. He worked at Cipla, Elder, and Ipca Labs also.

In 2018 he started his first venture AKS GMP Advisors and through this venture, he provide GMP consultation to small and medium Pharmaceutical Manufacturing companies and in 2019 he founded his online edtech startup Pharma-Revolution to help Pharmacy students and professionals 

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Via Pharma Revolution, we did our bit by helping young Pharmacy students and Professionals better their chances of working with leading Pharmaceutical companies. Since 2019, we have changed the lives of over 3000 young professionals by helping them get their dream jobs in leading Pharmaceutical companies

 We realized early on that most people we engage with are capable of achieving even greater things given the right guidance. The only thing missing in the picture was access to instructors and mentors, who would not only teach them new skills but also guide them in their careers. This led us to launch Pharma Revolution back in September 2019. We strongly believe that capable individuals can build their dream careers if we bridge the gap between their theoretical knowledge and industry-specific skills. And Pharma Revolution does just that.

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