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Pharmaceutical Industry

Young Talents

about us

Pharma Revolution is a Pharma staffing company, We provide the recruitment service for Higher, Mid, and Junior level staff and Technicians.

We provide the best candidates to our clients who fit the Job Profile, Company, and Location by our 03 step screening process.

While Conventional Recruitment agencies work for various Industries, Pharma Revolution Recruitment and Career Coaching specialize in the pharma industries. Our robust portfolio of work in these is what sets us apart from the rest

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Screening by Pharma Experts.

Job fitment analysis

Company Fitment Analysis

Location Fitment Analysis


Pharma Industry is one of the highest regulated industries, and to comply with regulatory requirements companies need a team of high-quality candidates who understand the criticality of Regulatory compliance.

We understand the working of the Pharmaceutical Industry, their challenges, their problems are our main concerns which we want to conquer

Pharma Revolution has a team of Pharma Experts from all segments e.g. Production, quality assurance, Quality Control, R&D, DRA, Pharmacovigilance, etc. who do initial assessments of every candidate then share them with you.

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