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Best Ways to adjust in the workplace as a fresher

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

If you are a fresher and going for your first job then you should be serious about it because this initial phase can shape your future in a good way or bad way both.

So here are some points I am going to discuss as per my 12-year work experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

  1. Punctuality: Punctuality is not just a simple word it shows your character, your attitude. Make a habit of being punctual, always reach 05 minutes early in your office and then feel confident and at ease. Don’t think too much about this, just follow it and see the results.

  2. Listen carefully: We are not habitual of listening in our college days but at the workplace, you have to be a good listener. There is everything new for fresher’s and a single word from your superior of colleagues’ can help you a lot so listen carefully and observe everything.

  3. Understand your own work profile: You can’t do justice with your role until you don’t know exactly your role and responsibility, every employee has their own Job Profile in which their full job description is mentioned. So before starting anything understand your profile and do accordingly.

  4. Establish rapport with superiors and colleagues: The first job is like starting off the new phase of your life and in every new phase we need good people around us who can mentor us, guide us and motivate us, so make good relationship with your superiors and colleagues, they can change your tough time into easy.

  5. Understand the hierarchical structure: The most complex thing, it always creates unnecessary differences between colleagues and superiors so know and understand the hierarchical structure of your organization and go with it.

  6. Don’t hesitate to ask the question: The best thing about this fresher title is you can ask anything without hesitation and no one will judge you, in fact, people love to share their knowledge but once you lose this fresher title, and become experienced. And once you get some experience then it'll be tough for you to ask questions, because people started to expect from you.

  7. Beware of gossip mongers: Just keep a distance from gossip groups at your workplace, they can ruin you all reputation and efforts.

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